Thanks To You

This fall we will have seven men in initial formation, three in priestly formation and one finishing up a theology degree.  These are ordinary young men with extraordinary dreams and the courage to say “Yes” to the Lord.  We are happy to have them as brothers.  These 11 men come to us from all over the country and range in age from 19-41.  In order to serve the Church well, an education is essential.  Thanks to you, we are able to offer these young men not only their room and board but a good education as well. We are most grateful.

Photo: Br. Adam Farkas, OFM, speaking with Minister General Michael Perry, OFM

Missionary Life

To all who read this, may the Lord grant you peace!

For the past six years Br. Vince Delorenzo, OFM, has faithfully served as Director of the Franciscan Mission Office for the Province.  He has done an outstanding job caring for our men in the missions.  Due to his many other responsibilities, Bro. Vince has found it necessary to resign this position.  We thank him for his years of service and the great job that he did.

I am Bro. Tim Sucher, OFM, the new Director of the Office.  I have been a Franciscan for 38 years.  Boy! Where did the time go?  Previously I taught Religion at our High School in Fort Wayne, Ind., and was Director of our post-novitiate program in Chicago.  The majority of my ministry over the years, however, has been with people who are poor and homeless.  I managed the St. Vincent Hotel in Dayton, Ohio, a shelter for homeless men, women and children.  I was the outreach director at St. Christine Parish in Detroit, Mich.  There we operated a soup kitchen, pantry and an after-school program for our neighbors.  For the past nine years I have been associated with St. Francis Seraph in Cincinnati, Ohio, administering a school, a women’s empowerment program, a day shelter for homeless people and a soup kitchen, as well as working in the parish.

Very often I have been the recipient of the generosity of so many of you who have given to the Franciscan Mission Office.  Now, being on the other side of things, I pray that I will be able to care for the friars doing missionary work as I well as I was cared for.

May God continue to bless all of you abundantly!

--Br. Tim Sucher, OFM
Mission Office Director

--Br. Tim Sucher, OFM
Director, Franciscan Mission Office