Thanks To You

Thanks to you, we are able to provide support to the many wonderful programs of St. Aloysius Parish in Detroit. Situated in a widely diverse area of downtown Detroit, friars and volunteers work with all of the people in the neighborhood to address needs of companionship, food, clothing, and emergency shelter. The bicycle cart street ministry of St. Aloysius Parish has volunteers loading up old-fashioned three-wheeled bicycle carts with warm food and drinks, as well as seasonal clothing which they distribute to the poor and homeless. The critical needs of tenants in many low-income housing buildings in the area are served as well as a parish nurse who works to address health and wholeness issues within the community-at-large.

With the Community Center closing a few years ago, St. Aloysius Parish attempts to provide all of these services in a smaller fashion – on the streets and in the community housing areas. St. Aloysius is often called “Everybody’s Church”, so today they focus on taking church to the people. Thank you for your support of this critical ministry.

Missionary Life

Before ascending into heaven, Jesus gave his disciples one last command: Go to the farthest ends of the earth and proclaim the Good News. During this Easter Season let us reflect on the true meaning of what that Good News is.

Jesus came into the world to tell us that God loves us, that even if a mother forgets her child, God will never forget. He also tells us that God is our Abba. Usually translated “father,” more accurately the word means “daddy”. God is not some exalted distant patriarchal figure but He is tender, caring and one who is close to each and every one of us.

Also at the heart of Jesus’ message is that God is eternally merciful. He is slow to anger and rich in kindness. No matter what, God is ready to take us back if we only turn to Him. If an experience of human love and mercy brings us peace and prompts us to care and reach out to others, imagine how different our world would be if we allowed the love and mercy of God to affect the very core of our being.

As we celebrate Easter, let us ask our God to allow us to experience the very depths of the New Life which comes to us from Jesus’ Resurrection.  At the core of this new life is the love and mercy of our God.

May our good and loving God bless you and you loved ones abundantly this Easter Season.

--Br. Tim Sucher, OFM
Director, Franciscan Mission Office