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Each summer soup kitchens like St. Francis Seraph in Cincinnati have a great need for volunteers.

Can you serve food and drinks, clean tables or hand out bag lunches?

Call 513-535-2918 to lend a hand!
friar facts
IL Poverello
Italian nickname for St. Francis, meaning "little poor man."
When can we spend more time outdoors, enjoy later nights full of lightning bugs, and develop 101 ways to have adventures?  Summer, of course!  As a child, the repetitive structure of school was lifted.  Summer was a season to go swimming in the lake, create tree forts, throw mud clods, collect raspberries, fish with the other boys. As a child we lived for summers!

Those feelings of excitement still waft over me like the cool night breezes pulled into our house by the ceiling fan.  I enjoy summer now for its opportunities. For most people, the number of meetings decreases, and there is a tug and pull to notice the beauty.  Here at St. Anthony’s, trees, fields, deer, groundhogs, skunks and wild turkeys surround us.  Frs. Carl and Kenan have planted a garden where tomatoes, melons and hot peppers abound.  There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato!  July is ushered in by the 4th of July celebrations.  Generally that means grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, followed by sparklers or flowers of fireworks over a blanket at a park. 

Summer can be a time to slow down and notice God’s work in our beautiful world and lives.  This is a perfect month for the gratitude prayer that uses our own fingers to thank God for 10 different things.  As we count them out on our hands, we might allow them to explode upward, like fireworks, letting our fingers become like trailing petals of smoke – our own fireworks for God. God is doing so much in our lives.  Nothing like July to slow us down, notice God’s many gifts and offer lives of gratitude and adventure. 

--Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM
Provincial Coucilor
Inspired by the life of St. Francis
The 170 friars of St. John the Baptist Province (SJB) are members of the Order of Friars Minor, a Franciscan brotherhood inspired by the 13th-century example of St. Francis of Assisi. We serve the Catholic Church as brothers and priests, devoting our lives to the search for God in a communal life of poverty, prayer, and service to others.
Globally, the Order is divided into geographic areas known as "provinces." Most of the Friars from SJB province, which has its headquarters in Cincinnati, live and work in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas and Jamaica. Others serve in New Mexico, Arizona, Missouri and Washington, D.C. Individual friars presently minister around the world in Kenya, Japan and the Philippines.
We serve as parish and campus ministers; as hospital, military and prison chaplains; as counselors; as educators and administrators in high schools, colleges and our formation program; as preachers and retreat directors in evangelization efforts; as directors of anti-poverty programs; as skilled craftsmen and in support services; as writers and communicators; and as missionaries—all ways of spreading the Good News.