Mission Statement
Franciscan Fire
Living and proclaiming the Gospel
   is our goal. We do so:
as brothers to each other
   and to the world;
Living with and for the poor;
Promoting justice, peace and
   the care of creation.
Working with all women and men
   of good will;
Inviting them to share
   our Franciscan spirit.
Facing our future with hope,
   we echo
Francis of Assisi who said,
   "Let us begin again."

A creative bunch of guys! L - R: Jonathon Douglas, John Boissy, Carlo Shivel, and Thomas Murphy
Jonathon cooked nutritious meals for clients at CAIN (Churches Active in Northside). Photo L - R: Volunteers Ron Kirkman, Jonathan, and Darryl Jenkins
John serves up salad and drinks at the Bridge Ministry at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.
Carlo tutored refugees to pass the US citizen test.
Thomas with refugees from Bhutan
The postulants and their directors after graduation. L - R: Carlo Shivel, John Boissy, Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, Thomas Murphy, Fr. Frank Geers, OFM, and Jonathan Douglas
Appreciating Fr. Kenan


The Jubilee was celebrated at Saint Monica - Saint George Parish in Cincinnati
Provincial Vicar Fr. Frank Jasper, OFM, presided.
Jubilarians Fr. Tom Speier, OFM, Fr. Frank Geers, OFM, and Fr. Ed Lammert, OFM
Jubilarian Fr. Paul Walsman, OFM, celebrates 65 years as a Franciscan friar.
Jubilarian Fr. John Turnbull, OFM, celebrates 60 years as a Franciscan priest.
Fr. Carl Langenderfer, OFM, shoots pics from his Jubilarian pew. L - R: Fr. Dennis Bosse, Fr. Carl, Br. Ed Gura, Fr. Frank Geers, Fr. John Joseph Gonchar
Fr. Frank Jasper congratulates Fr. Tom Speier, OFM


Junior Dribblers brandish their trophies after the last game of the season.
Refs show kids the proper ball-handling techniques
Everyone gets to play.
Coach Tianna Jordan with her team
Watching from the bench
Program Directors David Routt and Parrish Ozias
Zyohn takes a free throw.
Setting up the shot


Looking out from the highest point in Jamaica.
Fr. Max Langenderfer, OFM
Br. Louis Zant, OFM
Brandon Newland, Dani Andreotti, and Patrick Montine
Spectacular scenery


The Postulants in downtown Detroit.  L - R: Carlo Shivel, John Boissy, Trevor Blum, Jonathon Douglas, and Thomas Murphy
Cleaning up the gravestones in Southfield, Michigan
With Br. Al Mascia, OFM, in Berkley, Michigan
Carlo Shivel on the Galveston ferry
Jonathon Douglas at the friary in Lafayette, Louisiana
Br. Dan Barret, OFM,(right) at the Christian Service site in Shreveport, Louisiana
Thomas Murphy, John Boissy, and Trevor Blum at a cemetery in New Orleans


Br. Scott Obrecht, OFM, and Friars Club Director Annie Timmons


Congratulations to Br. Michael Charron, OFM (far left) and Br. Colin King, OFM (far right)from Br. Adam Farkas, OFM, and Provincial Minister Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM
Homilist Fr. Bonaventure Bai, OFM
Br. Michael with his father, Robert Charron
Br. Colin with his parents, Tunney and Norah King
Br. Roger Lopez, OFM, guides the helpers who almost stole the show.
Fr. Dan Anderson, OFM, holds open the Book of Life for Br. Colin


Provincial Minister Jeff Scheeler, OFM, leads the service.
Vocations Director Fr. Don Miller, OFM
Postulant John Boissy
Postulants Jonathon Douglas and Trevor Blum
Associate Director Fr. Frank Geers, OFM, and Director of Postulants Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, pray with postulants Trevor Blum, Carlo Shivel, and Thomas Murphy
Fr. Humbert Moster, OFM, and Fr. Joe Ricchini, OFM
Postulant Thomas Murphy gets a welcome hug from Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM
Director of Postulants Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, Trevor Blum, Carlo Shivell, Provincial Minister Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM, Thomas Murphy, John Boissy, Jonathon Douglas, and Associate Director of Postulants Fr. Frank Geers, OFM


The Yip's Children's Choir from Hong Kong


Focusing on the future: SJB friars in the conference room at St. Meinrad
St Meinrad Archabbey
Fr. Jeff Scheeler with Minister General Br. Michael Perry and General Visitor Francisco Ó Conaire
Fr. Joe Hund, OFM, in from Namibia with his guest Ashley Tillek, OFM, his guest from South Africa.
Custos Yusuf Bagh asked SJB friars to consider ministry in Pakistan
Br. Chris Meyer, OFM, kept technology on track throughout Chapter
Fr. Greg Friedman, OFM, works on Facebook and Twitter
Fr. Frank Geers, OFM, at prayer
Br. Bob Lucero, OFM, pauses in the hallway for a picture
Br. Ed Gura, OFM, and Br. Marcel Groth, OFM
Br. Phil Robinette, OFM, helps Fr. Bert Heise, OFM get to a meeting.
Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM, tallies votes
Watching the votes add up for Provincial Minister
Fr. Francisco Ó Conaire, OFM, swears in the newly re-elected Provincial Minister Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM
Br. Eric Seguin, OFM, in the conference room
Fr. Humbert Moster, OFM
Fr. David Kobak, OFM, enjoys some quiet time
A stroll on a windy day
Br. David Crank, OFM, on the grounds of St. Meinrad
Minister General Br. Michael Perry, OFM, holds a hand-made quilt
Fr. Francisco Ó Conaire, OFM, tries on a gift from Custos Yusuf Bagh
Homilist Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM, at the Jubilee Mass
Fr. Greg Petri, OFM
Br. Cliff Hennings, OFM, and Br. Colin King, OFM
Fr. Cyprian Berens, OFM, waits for Mass outside the chapel
Fr. Larry Dunham, OFM, from the Monastery of the Holy Land
Fr. Rock Travnikar, OFM, came in from Tampa, Florida
Fr. Dennis Bosse, OFM, came up from New Orleans
Postulant Nick Thorvaldsen at the Jubilee Mass with Sr. Luisa Bayate, OSC
Br. John Barker, OFM, Fr. Bob Bruno, OFM, and Br. Colin King, OFM, take a break
Fr. Paul Desch, OFM, focuses on the Lord's Prayer
The newly elected council: Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, Provincial Minister Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM, Provincial Vicar Fr. Frank Jasper, OFM, Br. Vince Delorenzo, OFM, Fr. Alex Katz, OFM, Fr. Page Polk, OFM, and General Visitor Fr. Francisco Ó Conaire, OFM, of the El Salvador Province


Students and teachers from St. Francis Seraph School gather in the friars' dining hall for donuts and juice to power up for walking in the parade.
Br. Gene Mayer, OFM, visits with Bart Eckerle whose son Adrian will ride in the parade with the friars.
Students from St. Francis Seraph school
School principal, Mr. Halsey Mabry with students
Gang of friars - L to R: Fr. John Bok, Fr. Blane Grein, Fr. Frank Jasper, Br. Kenn Beetz, Br. Gene Mayer, Fr. Al Hirt, Fr. Jeff Scheeler, and Br. Tim Sucher
Roger Bacon's Dance team waits for the parade to begin at Findlay Market
Art Teacher Cedric Michael Cox inspired his students to create the church and banners promoting the Franciscan charism of peace and community.
Fr. John Bok, OFM, and Fr. Blane Grein, OFM
Adrian Eckerle dons his own friar's habit
The 'friars' of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
Thanks to the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society for providing and driving the truck float.
Loud cheers from students of St. Francis Seraph school and employees of Franciscan Media and SJB Province as they watch the parade.
School principal Halsey Mabry waves to the crowd with Bubs Kindt and Br. Tim Sucher
Friars Br. Kenn Beetz, Fr. Jeff Scheeler, Fr. Al Hirt, and Br. Gene Mayer take turns carrying the banner
Roger Bacon High School Band
Thank you to good friend Mr. Steve Cobb of Cobb's Car Care Center who chauffeured friars in his Yellow 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
High stepping Roger Bacon Band
A beautiful day for the Reds Opening Day Parade.
A huge thanks to Colleen Cushard, Co-Director of Friar Works, for making it all happen.
All smiles as we end the day and ride back to the friary.


A Bishop in the making!
Dinner after the Mass
A delicious dinner was catered by Michael's Italian Feast.
The children's choir sold rosaries to further their fundraising for their upcoming trip


Fr. Bernardin Schneider, OFM, and Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM
Fr. Harold Geers, OFM, has served in the Philippines for over 40 years.  He and Fr. Jeff are in San Agustin Church.
Fr. Jeff and Fr. Reynaldo (Rey) Legaya enjoy the view from the balcony in San Agusto Church
Fr. Jeff with the postulants of St. Anthony of Padua Custody in Cebu.
Vicar Fr. Celito and Provincial Fr. Greg of the Province of San Pedro Bautista
Fr. Felix Jungo, OFM, Custos of St. Anthony of Padua Custody and Fr. Jeff
Br. Gus Fraszczak, OFM
Br. Roger Covero, OFM, and Fr. Jeff
The postulants of San Pedro Bautista Province
Fr. Jeff and Fr. Bertram Tiemeyer, OFM
Fr. Elgar Nadon, OFM, and Fr. Jeff
Fr. Miki Murakami, OFM, Provincial of Japan


Br. Bernard Jennings, OFM, guides filler string through the center of the cord machine, where it's bound with strands of bleached cotton.
Friar Hermenegild Eilermann devised a contraption to free novices from the tedious, time-consuming task of making cords by hand.
One of Br. Bernard's paintings and some of the nativity figures he collects
Br. Bernard organizes cord in preparation for mailing.
Yards and yards of cord
Br. Norbert Bertram, OFM, may soon be turning out cords at the Interprovincial Novitiate in Burlington, WI.  Left to right: Dennis Schafer, Norbert Bertram and Ralph Parthie


June Rossiter, Br. Bill Spond, OFM, and Tim Gould working at Sophia's Offerings at Angels Kitchen at St. Joseph's
Council member Fr. Bill Farris, OFM, makes a point with Fr. Neri Greskoviak, OFM, and Fr. Gregg Petri, OFM.
Br. Xavier Gedeon, OFM
Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM, and Fr. Luis Aponte-Merced, OFM, offer the body and blood of Christ at Sacred Heart Church.
One of the many beautiful stained glass windows at St. Joseph Church