Living and proclaiming the Gospel is our goal. We do so as brothers to each other and to the world, living with and for the poor, promoting justice, peace and the care of creation, working with all women and men of good will and inviting them to share our Franciscan spirit. Facing our future with hope, we echo Francis of Assisi who said, “Let us begin again.”

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Justice & Peace

We work to bring about justice and peace, to end violence and war, poverty and oppression, and the destruction of our planet. Please join us on our journey.



Who We Are

We serve the Catholic Church as brothers and priests, devoting our lives to the search for God in a communal life of poverty, prayer, and service to others.

The Friar Place


The Friar Place is a virtual or cyber-setting where people can engage with friar Al Mascia, as he explores music, the arts, mysticism, Franciscanism, religious imagination, rustic camping and Holy Newness! Watch episode 2, Whose side is God on?


Marching for justice

Toni Cashnelli

As Br. Matt Ryan sees it, “There’s a systemic problem when a segment of the population is disproportionately poor and disproportionately incarcerated.” He’s speaking from the perspective of a former public defender with 13 years of experience in Northern Kentucky.

Fr. Humbert Moster, OFM (1929-2020)

Toni Cashnelli

Joyful, plain-spoken and self-effacing, he was the real McCoy. “I think he enjoyed everything he did in life,” said homilist Fr. Jeremy Harrington.

Franciscan Joy: 65 years of growing in gratitude

Fr. Dennet Jung, OFM

Even after striving to live a profession of the Gospel life for 65 years as a Franciscan, I find that the struggle goes on for me. The striving continues, the growing pains remain. But I have, I believe, made some progress through the years, thanks be to God!




Help us continue to serve the poor, care for the retired friars and our men in formation.