Living and proclaiming the Gospel is our goal. We do so as brothers to each other and to the world, living with and for the poor, promoting justice, peace and the care of creation, working with all women and men of good will and inviting them to share our Franciscan spirit. Facing our future with hope, we echo Francis of Assisi who said, “Let us begin again.”

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Justice & Peace

We work to bring about justice and peace, to end violence and war, poverty and oppression, and the destruction of our planet. Please join us on our journey.



Who We Are

We serve the Catholic Church as brothers and priests, devoting our lives to the search for God in a communal life of poverty, prayer, and service to others.

O Holy Night


The Franciscan Friars of Province of St. John the Baptist wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Listen to Br. Gabriel Balassone’s beautiful rendition of O Holy Night recorded at the St. Anthony Shrine.


Encounter with a stranger

Moving is disorienting, no matter how often a person has done it.  Bruce and Bryant Hausfeld stopped in recently.  They’ve moved so many times that they switch up the biblical phrase, “pilgrims and strangers” and describe themselves as “strange pilgrims”.  Anytime a person changes residences, it does feel strange. As our Howell Street Friary moves to join Pleasant Street Friary, I’m returning to a neighborhood I knew long ago that is now quite different.

Shanghai Summer

This summer, John Boissy could have given his brain a rest. Instead, he took on the academic Olympics: He went to China and studied Mandarin Chinese.

Inspired by his Asian heritage and the desire to learn the language for ministry, Br. John took a class last year at DePaul University in Chicago. When he returns to the school next month, he’ll skip from first- to third-year Chinese thanks to his intensive summer course in Shanghai.

Wheelchair Basketball at Friars Club

The words “disability” and “defeat” do not belong in the same sentence, according to Jake Counts.

Physically challenged people can do a lot of things, he says – and that includes playing sports. To prove his point Jake and his pal, Ian Smith, are staging a wheelchair basketball game at Friars Club in Cincinnati, enlisting children who normally run instead of roll.




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