It Struck a Chord

Friar Voices

Br. Michael Dubec, OFM

In honor of the inaugural Religious Brothers Day May 1, friars answered what it means to be a Franciscan brother.

Br. Michael Dubec, OFM
(Michael, a former Provincial Councilor, provided parochial assistance in Hazard, Ky., before starting his current sabbatical.)

Becoming a Franciscan Friar occupied my early plans in life. A relative who was a lay brother struck a chord with me, as he on his own invited me to consider a life in the manner of St. Francis of Assisi. Being an ordained priest did not hold much appeal for me in my formation years, but becoming a brother reverberated deeply within.

To be a brother meant both living in a community of friars (some ordained, others by choice), and feeling a relationship to all living things. Somehow in God’s mysterious design that is what I wanted in life.

I’m still becoming a friar-brother. I don’t know when it will end, but I’m certain I will be among the first to know about it!

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