Fr. Bert Remembers Solanus Casey

Friar Voices

Thousands who received comfort and counsel from Fr. Solanus Casey, OFM Cap, were convinced that this humble Franciscan was an instrument of God. Among them are a number of friars from St. John the Baptist Province. Most were children in Detroit when Solanus, besieged by seekers at St. Bonaventure Monastery, gave their loved ones help and hope. Asked to recall the encounters, they described the impact this remarkable man had on their lives.

Fr. Bert Heise, OFM

My mother had a lump in her breast, so she went down from Southfield, Mich., to see Fr. Solanus, and she took my sister Mary Lou, who was maybe 3 years old. Mary Lou remembered every detail of the visit. They got in line to see Solanus. He sat at a desk, and they sat in chairs against the wall on three sides of the room and he took them in order.

If Solanus told you, “Don’t worry about it,” you didn’t. If he said, “Let’s pray about it,” you were in trouble. He told my mother, “Don’t worry about it.” Was she OK? Absolutely! He was always right. Then he played with my little sister and gave her a lollipop. He was extremely friendly. It really impressed her and she always remembered it.