An Image of Easter

Friar Voices

Fr. Blane Grein, OFM

One image you can bring in for Easter is the idea that things lose their leaves in the winter, and when the snow clears you see crocuses and daffodils coming to life. That image of new life is very clear and everybody knows what you’re talking about. When I was in Jamaica we didn’t have that image because it’s always spring.

There, my theme was the butterfly because it’s something they know: An ugly caterpillar goes in and that a butterfly comes out of the cocoon. In their beginning stage, butterflies are not very well-liked. Caterpillars are not a pleasing sight to see; they eat your plants, you curse them under your breath. Then caterpillars make their cocoon; in that time of darkness they seem to be out of sight, as was Jesus.

They condemned Jesus and brought him to trial, spitting on him as he walked to Calvary. They did not believe it when he claimed he was God. [When he was crucified] Jesus was out of sight for three days.

Caterpillars come forth from their time of darkness with new life, beautiful life. It’s the transformative thing, being transformed from something you don’t want to have around to something you welcome. The transformation happened for us in the three days Jesus was in the tomb. Jesus came forth in a complete reversal from sin and death, overcoming sin for a beautiful life.