“Christ is Risen!” “Christos Voskrese!”

Friar Voices

Fr. Mike Lenz, OFM

For the homily I will use the one I do every year, with some changes, going over the meaning of the Sacred Triduum briefly since many of the people will not have been to church for those services. In the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, I culminate the homily with the meaning of Christ’s Resurrection, also bringing in the fact that we have new members in the Church from the Easter Vigil. For the Easter season which is called Pascha, not Easter, the people greet each other with: “Christ is Risen!” Answered with: “Indeed! He is Risen!” Some will say it in Old Slavonic: “Christos Voskrese!” “Voistinu Voskrese!”

On Holy Saturday night after the Liturgy, the Pascha/Easter baskets are blessed. Each basket usually has a bottle of wine, a blessed candle, ham, cheese, sausage, butter, and Pascha bread (sweet bread). The baskets are covered with beautiful, bright cloths, usually embroidered. The priest in full vestments incenses each basket and blesses it with holy water.

May you have a very blessed Pascha.

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