Letting the Spirit Lead

Friar Voices

Fr. Robert Seay, OFM

My style of preaching is very unconventional. I do have some notes; I come across themes and look at other things, maybe find some inspiration from the Internet. I take it from what’s happening in the world. When I preach I give a lot to the Spirit speaking through me; I pretty much kind of wait until the day itself unfolds. I really can’t speak from a written sermon.

For Palm Sunday I talk about the experience of going to the Holy Land a few years ago. I weave in actually being there and walking those steps with Jesus; it made Palm Sunday more exciting for me.

For Easter I know it’s going to be a theme of hope. I think the world right now has to be revived from the evil and hatred that’s going on. I’ll be preaching about always having hope, that resurrection is the hope [that] there’s a reward after all that we suffer.