Preaching Easter Joy

Friar Voices

Fr. Bryant Hausfeld, OFM

I really like preaching Easter better than Christmas. My theme most of the time at Easter is God’s love for us, that he would send his own son, that he had to be rejected and treated as cruelly as people get toward one another – that he had to suffer death. But what that does positively is show God’s love for us. If someone loves us we should be happy and joyful and kick up our heels and respond to that love in some way. It’s impossible to respond to that love completely because it’s so awesome and absolute.

But beyond the grief of Good Friday, we should be happy and joyful and laughing. When someone loves us it should take away all the fears and all the grief and confusion of life. That’s basically what I’m usually preaching about, happiness and joy. I think that throughout the year priests should speak more about the happiness of being loved by God and the Church, rather than, “You’d better get to Confession and work on all the negative things.”