We had a snow storm here in Cincinnati over the weekend. The scene is very peaceful I thought it was a perfect image of ‘an end to racism’ Peace

Where there is prejudice and racism let me sow tolerance and acceptance.

Today the friars celebrate the annual Day of Prayer to End Racism. When I think of all that needs to happen before racism does not exist I grow weary, until I remember that the journey to the end of racism beings with me.

I have to be the one to change. I agree that the change I want to see in the world begins with a change in me, my actions and thinking. This is not about being color blind; refusing to acknowledge the differences between me and those I encounter daily. No, indeed it is about recognizing the differences and acknowledging how I think and feel about those differences. From there I should be moved to change those feelings and thoughts that separates me from others, keeps me isolated, and forms biases – and identify what things I see in others that causes me fear and rationally analyze.

Maybe my fear is baseless or is rooted in ignorance. So the pathway to the end of racism is education and knowledge of the other. It begin with tolerance, then with more knowledge comes acceptance. That is my prayer, that the all-good God support me in my journey with lessons learned and fears defeated. I hope and pray that you sense the mercy of God today in your life.

–Br. Tim Lamb, OFM
Director of Vocations

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