Fr. Jim Bok, center, at a Youth Rally in Jamaica

Jamaica missionary Jim Bok is the newest member of the Executive Committee for Missions and Evangelization for the Order, appointed by the Minister General and Definitorium. The Committee, comprised of five friars from around the world, serves as an advisory board to the General Secretariat for Missions and Evangelization.

Collaborating with the Secretariat, the Committee sets the agenda for the biannual meeting of the Internal Council for Missions and Evangelization, which includes the 16 Conference Secretaries of Missionary Evangelization. Jim and other members will attend that meeting, as well as their own annual gathering. Three of the Executive Committee’s current members are Provincial Secretaries of Missions and Evangelization. For Jim, one of two “at-large” members, “It’s another opportunity to keep our Jamaica mission out in the public.”