Fr. Loren Connell, OFM

(Pastor Loren Connell of St. Aloysius in Detroit shared this reflection in the March 30-31 parish bulletin.)

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

My smartphone is now working! Two weeks ago, you may recall, I wrote about my frustration with passwords and a new smartphone which I could not use. The codes which I had forgotten have now been replaced with new ones which should be easier for this old man to remember.

Two weeks ago the techno-klutz who calls himself your pastor was discouraged and just about ready to give up on a nearly new phone, but neither panic nor despair was going to get me anywhere. So for a week and a half I simply put my unusable smartphone aside and relied on my old familiar flip phone.

Last weekend I decided to try again. I sat down at my computer, followed a few prompts, replaced the last of the lost passwords, and went to my service provider to have my phone re-activated. The skilled and patient gentleman behind the counter worked his techno-magic, and I now have a working smartphone.

I see a spiritual lesson here. I can no more take care of my spiritual life than I can take care of my smartphone. I have to let go. I have to turn for help. Sometimes that help takes time and leaves me frustrated. I have to let go some more and get out of the way. In due time God’s grace will guide me. That’s something for me to think about in these last weeks of Lent!

Peace and every blessing,

–Loren, OFM