Hi, my name is Fr. Mark Soehner. I’m the Provincial Minister for the Franciscans for the Province of St. John the Baptist. By now, no one needs to tell you about the impact of this pandemic that we’re experiencing with the Corona virus.

Fr Soehner – Know that we care from Franciscan Media on Vimeo.

There are many inconveniences. But there may also be a lot of fear and anxiety and confusion. Social distancing and the rate of change make all of our daily lives more difficult.

I’d like you to know that the Franciscans care about each one of you. Your daily prayer requests through Franciscan.org, or FranciscanMedia.org, or the StAnthony.org are reaching us. We’re reading them. We’re praying for each of you.

So, let’s check-in on our elderly neighbors. Let’s practice caution around large groups. And, let’s wash our hands. Then, only then, put those washed hands into the hands of Christ.

No hardship, no disease, no fear can stop us from experiencing the love of Christ. Please remember the concern of the Franciscans for each of you and know that we care.

Fr. Mark

We care about you. Post your intentions on our Prayer Page. Let us pray for you.

Friars praying in church

Let us pray for you.

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