(Sheltering in place this week at St. Francis Retreat House in Easton, Pa., Br. Scott Obrecht shared this photo of a magnolia tree in full bloom and the thoughts it inspired.)

Finally, the sun! Preceded by cloudy, rainy skies.

Life seems so dark, so scary.

The reality is, it is, for now.

Thank God for spring.

For birds singing, and for trees –

some budding, some budded, and some in full splendor.

Dear God, give us the eyes, the ears, to see, to hear the wonders of creation. 

To feel the gentle, cooling breeze of your loving breath upon us.

The wonder has always been there, 

we just didn’t take time to look around, to listen, and to really see.

Just as we see the beauty of a tree, 

help us to see the beauty in each other –now that we have time.

Help us to be concerned, to care for each other –now that we have time.

Help us to help each other to discover new ways to do so – now that we have time.

Look around: Do we see beauty?

Do we see hope?

Do we believe, despite the darkness, that things will get better?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are beauty! We are hope! One day, all will be better.

For us. For others. 

We are the spring.

We are the tree that blooms, the sun that shines.

We are the hope for each other.

Do we believe it?

–Scott Obrecht, OFM

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