I am thinking of you at this hour.  I pray all is well with you.  The coronavirus is among us.  It has left our world changed.  We tread with caution and uncertainty these days.  We are living in sorrowful and suffering times.  Jesus is among us.  He comes with arms outstretched and power in hand.  He comes with love and grace for every time, circumstance and place.  We daily hear wonderful stories about people reaching out to help people.  It leaves me thanking our good and gracious God.  Jesus is leading us through this coronavirus crisis.  

Isn’t it wonderful to think that there was a time in God’s life when he took the time to create your life?  Within you exists his imperishable Spirit and love that heals and saves and never fades, for deep waters cannot quench his love, nor floods sweep it a way. You are a Ray of the DNA of God and he is tracing out your salvation day-by-day, grace-by-grace.  

Throughout Holy Week may you keep within your heart the happy thought of knowing that Jesus would still have gone through his Passion, if only for your salvation.

Light burst forth from the tomb!  The stone rolled away!  Jesus awoke with forgiveness!  A Ray of that Light was planned for you by Jesus for all time and eternity.  Rejoice in your Ray of Light! It will never fade.  It will see you through to life anew.

The Risen One continues to transform darkness into blessing and light for darkness is not dark for Jesus and the night is as clear as day.

Blessings to you on this holiest of weeks!  

(Br. Ed Gura, OFM, ministers at Transfiguration Parish in Southfield, Michigan.)