friar accepts award

Fr. Fred Link’s tribute at Wiedemann’s

Among the many tributes to Fred Link as he retired as Pastor of St. Clement Church were dozens of Facebook comments, a plaque from the Mayor of St. Bernard, and a beer brewed in his honor. The farewell to Fred for his 11 years as Pastor was expansive and heartfelt. During a party Nov. 22 at Wiedemann Brewing Co., a plaque from St. Bernard Mayor Jonathan Stuchell was presented to Fred by Vice Mayor Steve Asbach. Leading up to a special proclamation, it read in part:

Whereas, the Village of St. Bernard is proud to have such a special spiritual leader and friend…
Whereas, St. Bernard was blessed when he became Pastor of St. Clement Church in July of 2009
Whereas, since that time he has guided us through the baptisms of our children and the deaths of our loved ones
Whereas, Fr. Fred has helped strengthen our sense of community throughout the village, the parish, and St. Clement School…
Whereas, Fr. Fred has reached an important milestone in his life as he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination and just said his last Mass as Pastor of St. Clement Church on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020
Whereas, he will always be loved and will forever be a friend to this community

Now therefore, do I Jonathan L. Stuchell, Mayor of the Village of St. Bernard, Ohio, proclaim November 22nd, 2020 to be Fr. Fred Link Day in the Village of St. Bernard, Ohio

Besides getting his own day, Fred also got his own brew. The keg on the right rear of the photo above is Fr. Fred Beer, a batch made just for him as a thank-you for blessings he has bestowed in the past on Wiedemann’s special-occasion beers. Among the Facebook comments posted in response to the retirement announcement was one from Cathy Wilson, who had a suggestion for Fred’s new-found free time: “Maybe we can get you to join the choir.”

friar with relatives

Fr. Fred’s nieces Gina, Jenny and Jenny’s husband Jim visited for his final weekend as pastor.