The Christmas Nativity at Br. Ed’s friary in Southfield, Michigan.

May the grace of God continue to flow and grow in your soul and show more than you already know of his love for you.

Br. Ed Gura, OFM

One of the blessings I experienced in 2020 was seeing God at work in simple and in extraordinarily miraculous kinds of ways through so many people who reached out and brought healing to our human family in the midst of a global pandemic. Great has been the suffering, yet greater still have been the graces and blessings of our Lord which have gathered and united our world in wonderfully caring ways. Our Lord always finds ways to transform the darkness into blessing and light. The pandemic has left our world forever changed. Some things never change. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! His work of our salvation continues, day-by-day, grace-by-grace!

May Christmas live in our hearts year ‘round. May we be guided by that same obedient star that humbly served and guided the Magi. May we be guided ever closer and guide others ever closer to the mind and heart and likeness of our gracious and merciful Lord and Savior who came forth from the womb of Mary, dressed in flesh and poverty among the sheep and cattle in a Bethlehem stable, to save us all with his love and sacrifice and forgiveness.

May the Peace of the Risen One be with you throughout the New Year!

6 friars

The friars at Transfiguration friary in Southfield, Michigan: Jeremy Harrington, Ed Gura, Phil Wilhelm, Jeff Scheeler, Cliff Hennings, and Eric Seguin

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