hurricane over map of New Orleans

Hurricane Ida over New Orleans and surrounding area. Photo by NASA 

As Hurricane Ida approached New Orleans the weekend of Aug. 28-29, Fr. Joe Hund, OFM, pastor of St. Mary of the Angels Parish, said, “We are waiting, watching and praying.”


Fr. Joe Hund, OFM

The friars are committed to remaining at the friary and opening the school to provide shelter for local residents. The major issue is that the entire city of New Orleans is without electricity. Local officials are estimating that power won’t be restored for three weeks because a major tower was knocked into the Mississippi by Hurricane Ida. Moisture is thick on the terrazzo floors of the church and they are so slippery that the only way to travel on them is by using an ice skating motion with one’s feet.

The friars are mopping up in the church, friary and school. While there was not extensive water damage, there still was some due to the shingles pulled off the roofs of the school, church and friary. The hurricane tore off the roofs of a number neighborhood houses.

The air is thick and hot, so sleeping is difficult without any means of cooling. The friars are searching for a generator to rent, but so is everyone else. Their electric stove and oven are useless, but they were able to cook last night over the barbeque. The water is on. The friars were able to relight the gas hot water tank so showers can be comfortable.

Please keep the people of Louisiana and the surrounding region in your prayers.

building and flood waters

The flooding damage after Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Hurricane Ida Relief Fund

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