friars at table

From L to R: Friars Scott Obrecht, Loren Connell, Ed Skutka, Henry Beck, and Mark Ligett celebrate Ed’s jubilee at a favorite restaurant.

When Franciscans pronounce their vows to live the Gospel way of life, their vow formula ends with the words “All the days of my life.”

Ed Skutka recently celebrated that commitment during a special dinner with fellow friars at a favorite restaurant and luncheon with staff at St. Francis Retreat House (SFRH). In addition to marking 50 years since his first profession of vows on Aug. 15, 1951, Ed is also celebrating 50 years of ministry at SFRH.

“No other friar, staff member, volunteer or member of our board of directors has given more years of service,” said Mark Ligett, co-administer. “He has made more coffee and washed more dishes than anyone could count, always working behind the scenes to help make St. Francis Retreat House a welcoming place for all of our guests.”

“I really enjoy getting to know the people who come to our place and making them feeling comfortable,” Ed said, expressing a special fondness for those who regularly attend the retreat center’s Sunday morning Mass.

“Thank you, Brother Ed, for your commitment,” Mark added. “We wish you many more years of abundant life here on earth and in the life to come.”