friar and volunteers in sewing studio

From left, Fr. John Quigley, #Stitched# students Dollvlle McDaniels and Brooke Coaston, and Lois Shegog, SFSM Sarah Center Director and #Stitched# instructor

The Franciscan friars have been serving the homeless and impoverished in the local community for more than 175 years, and St. Francis Seraph Ministries (SFSM) continues that legacy to nourish and nurture those in need. Through a lens of racial equity and justice, SFSM inspires change and innovation to provide life’s most basic needs and fill the gaps in local safety net services.

friar with sign and San Damiano Cross

Fr. John Quigley with the new signage in SFSM lobby

Saint Francis Seraph Ministries’ history of nearly two centuries of caring for the community’s most marginalized, while advancing racial equity and justice are captured in the nonprofit’s new brandmark, an original work of art created by Fr. John Quigley.

John is an accomplished artist with a studio in Cincinnati. Based on his personal experience of service, he drew the graphic to embody nourishment provided by the Franciscan friars throughout history – in the early days of the soup kitchen, as well as today’s dining room and mobile meals.

The logo inspires individual connection, community outreach and partnership. The updated branding intentionally incorporates a modern, clean design along with the staff and volunteer tradition of person-to-person compassion, caring and empathy. The new tagline pulls it all together: Caring for Community | Advancing Change.

“The image speaks to sharing hospitality and nourishment. This concept is central to all three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – all have a faith-based obligation to feed the stranger,” John said.

In a small focus group, Lois Shegog, SFSM Sarah Center director and #Stitched# instructor, and a couple of her #Stitched# students were asked what they saw in the new logo. Seeing a supportive community working together through the steaming bowl of food being served, they provided positive feedback during their break before lunch.

Today, SFSM operates its programs and outreach services in the St. Anthony Center at 1615 Republic Street, serving as a welcome center with multiple nonprofit organizations working together to serve the basic physical and emotional needs of the impoverished and homeless. To learn more, visit the new website at

artwork of hands holding bowl of hot foof

Original work of art created by Fr. John Quigley