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Zoom meetings continue to be the primary mode of communication throughout the province due to the ongoing pandemic. They allow for a safer way of meeting, but the friars discover that “Zoom fatigue” is real and miss the interactions that come from face-to-face gatherings.

St. Francis Retreat House hosts virtual retreats, and other ministries continue to adapt to safety restrictions.

6: Protesters storm the U.S. Capitol.
7: US-6 provincials publish a letter to the friars regarding the attack on the Capitol and ask for non violence and a restoration of peace and justice.
13: Jack Wintz dies. His funeral is celebrated on Jan. 18 at St. Clement Church in Cincinnati, with John Quigley giving the homily.
15: Donald Holtgrewe dies. His funeral is celebrated on Jan. 22 at St. Joseph Chapel, St. John the Baptist Friary in Cincinnati, with Mark Soehner giving the homily.
19: Transfiguration Church, in Southfield, Mich., opens its doors for prayer for peace, unity and healing the day before the presidential inauguration.
20: Joseph Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.
21: Frank Geers dies. His funeral is celebrated on Jan. 27 at St. Clement Church in Cincinnati, with Carl Langenderfer giving the homily.
21: COVID vaccinations begin at St. Clement Friary and throughout the province. At this time, they are primarily for anyone over the age of 65.

-Detroit area friars give Lenten presentations via Zoom.

7: 100th anniversary of the death of Anselm Weber, SJB missionary to the Navajo.

4: Easter Sunday
9: Senior friars Jim Van Vurst, Josef Anderlohr and Tom Speier go on a putt-putt outing with Michelle Viacava, province nurse.
18: Bob Weakley retires after more than six years of chaplaincy to the Sisters of St. Francis of Oldenburg.
22: 51st celebration of Earth Day.
26: Clifford Hennings and Holy Family Church of Novi, Mich., are celebrated in a photo essay of Unleash the Gospel.
28: Catholic Theological Union honors husband and wife health care crusaders, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Christine Grady, for their work with the COVID-19 crisis.

Jubilarians were named, but not publicly celebrated due to COVID-19. They are:

Ric Schneider: 70 years
Jeremy Harrington: 70 years
Murray Bodo: 65 years
Joe Ricchini: 65 years
Louis Lamping: 65 years
Damian Cesanek: 60 years
Robert Weakley: 60 years
Leonard Cornelius: 60 Years
Jerry Beetz: 50 years
Bill Farris: 50 years
Ed Skutka: 50 years
Al Hirt: 50 years
Jim Bok: 50 years
David Kobak: 25 years

John Joseph Gonchar: 65 years
Jim Van Vurst: 60 years
Reynolds Garland: 60 years
Bruce Hausfeld: 60 years
Art Espelage: 50 years
Carl Langenderfer: 50 years

18: SJB temporary professed friars start their summer ministry assignments: Raphael Ozoude begins work in Jamaica, Joshua Richter travels to St. Mary of the Angels in New Orleans, and Matt Ryan heads to New York City to minister with the friars at St. Francis Friary, 31st Street.
31: Detroit friars from St. Benedict the Black, Duns Scotus and Transfiguration celebrate Memorial Day with a picnic.

13: Feast of St. Anthony celebrated at St. Anthony Friary & Shrine online.
16: St. Anthony Center, Cincinnati, is featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer
28: Provincial Mark Soehner, leaves for General Chapter in Rome

1: Transfiguration Parish in Southfield becomes part of a Parish Family with Divine Providence Lithuanian Parish, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, in Oak Park and Our Lady of LaSalette in Berkely. Jeff Scheeler is named moderator.
2: Phil McCarter and Brian Menezes from SJB profess first vows with classmates Daniel Cruz,Tyler Grudi, Kevin Hamzik, James Kernan, Juan Luis Guerrero and Joan Perez Lombera.
13: New Minister General Massimo Fussarelli is elected at the General Chapter in Rome. The former Minister General Michael Perry begins a well needed sabbatical.
15: Novices William Compton and Andrew Harrington from SJB, along with Matthew Tran, Domingo Martinez and Nolin Ainsworth, are welcomed into the novitiate fraternity at Old Mission Santa Barbara as our newest brothers.
29: Toni Cashnelli, is awarded the Francis Medal as she retires after 25 years as director of communications for the province. Sr. Eileen Connelly, OSU, assumes this position.

8: Carl Langenderfer, Joe Nelson, Mike Chowning and Bob Weakley celebrate 155 years of Franciscan ministry at Holy Family Church in Oldenburg, as well as their own jubilees.
8: Jerry Beetz celebrates his 50th jubilee at St. John the Baptist Parish in Harrison, Ohio.
15: Neri Greskoviak dies. His funeral is celebrated on Aug. 18 at Holy Family Church in Oldenburg, with Bruce Hausfeld giving the homily.
15: Friars at St. Francis Retreat House in Easton, Pa. celebrate the 50th Jubilee of Ed Skutka.
20 :Tim Lamb arrives in Jamaica as permanent member of the mission. On Aug. 26, Tyler Grudi and Daniel Cruz arrive as newly professed in the Brothers Walking Together program.
28-29: Hurricane Ida hits New Orleans and the outlying Louisiana area. Massive power outages make for very difficult conditions for Joe Hund, Dan Barrett and Juniper Crouch. Michael Haney (Sacred Heart Province) delays his arrival in New Orleans to join the St. Mary of the Angels community.

11: A special issue of News Notes focuses on friars’ memories on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
11: Family and friends gather for a memorial service honoring Jack Wintz at St. Francis Seraph Friary in Cincinnati.
19-24: Provincial Council meets at Clifty Falls for their annual meeting/retreat.
21: Jim Van Vurst dies. His funeral is celebrated on Sept. 27 at St. Clement Church in Cincinnati, with Fred Link giving the homily.
30: Larry Ford (Holy Name Province) arrives from the Revitalization and Restructuring Office for a week of visiting the Cincinnati friars.

3: Celebration of Transitus around the province.
4: Celebration of the feast of St. Francis. Many ministry sites hosted pet blessings over the next few days around the province.
9: Archdiocese of Cincinnati celebrates its 200th anniversary with a Day of Service. Friars are encouraged to write letters to end the death penalty. Students and staff at Roger Bacon High School devote an entire week to service.
11: John Quigley’s new logo for St. Francis Seraph Ministries is unveiled.

-Renovation of rooms at St. Anthony Friary is completed.

7-13: National Vocation Awareness Week. Friars reflect on “Why am I a friar?” for a focused issue of News Notes, with some shooting videos sharing their vocation stories.
13: Sr. Mary Anthony Nelson, OSC, is fully incorporated as a member of the Cincinnati Poor Clare community.
13: Mark Soehner celebrates the 800th anniversary of the Secular Franciscan Rule at the 4 p.m. Mass at St. Clement Parish in Cincinnati.
20-25: Mark Soehner completes his visitation of the Detroit friaries with all the friars celebrating Thanksgiving together.
27: “A Franciscan Christmas” opens at St. Francis Seraph Church in Cincinnati with an outdoor live Nativity, creche scenes from around the world, beautiful Christmas trees and train displays.

1-3: Mark Soehner and Pat McCloskey travel to Chicago to meet with Minister General Massimo Fusarelli. He discusses issues affecting the ESC and the new province.
8: Chris Schuermann, outgoing executive director of St. Francis Seraph Ministries, is celebrated with a farewell luncheon. Mary Pat Raupach is hired as her successor.
13: Mini-retreat at St. Francis Retreat House in Easton, Pa. is held.
21: Members of Cincinnati’s Isaac Wise Temple congregation served Christmas dinner at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dining Room of St. Francis Seraph Ministries.
31: Carl Hawver dies. His funeral is celebrated Jan. 5 at St. Clement Church in Cincinnati, with Pat McCloskey giving the homily.