When my mom moved to Cincinnati in 2019, she realized the need to “let go” of driving. After some research and probing, we discovered a service called GoGo Grandparent. My mom was, and still is not, phone savvy. GoGo Grandparent allows older adults to utilize on demand transportation companies like Lyft and Uber, while keeping family and loved ones notified. The best thing about this? My mom uses a toll free number and talks to a real person.

GoGo Grandparent is a third party that makes the arrangements with Lyft and Uber for older adults. I did the initial set up, linking a credit card and my cell phone. When my mom calls GoGo Grandparent, she talks to an operator about where to go and when (you can set appointments ahead of time). When the driver picks up, a text goes to my mom’s emergency contact (me), and I get the driver’s name, vehicle details and a tracking map. When she is dropped off, I get another text of her arrival.

My mom finds this service easy to use. For her and me, this has allowed my mom a wonderful independence. I offer this reflection to my brothers who are aging. Perhaps, talk to your guardian; he would be the person to link to as the emergency contact for text messages. Set up is easy, and it provides a great peace of mind. Contact info: 855- 464-6872, or gogograndparent.com.

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