illustration of cross and sunlight

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Dear Brother Mark and Friars in Cincinnati Province:

Peace and all good.

We have entered Holy Week. The most graceful time for our spiritual growth. It gives us opportunity to reflect on the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, known as “Pascal Mystery.” In other words, we remember why God becomes man. Why has He to suffer grievously? Why God planned in this way to save humanity? Why the Son has to obey the Father? Though there was less desire to face the agony and He requested His Father to take away the chalice which He is going to drink, but still He has no courage to go against the will of His Father and says. “Father not my will, but your will.”

After the Resurrection of Christ, we forget all the difficulties, pains, sufferings and death of Jesus Christ and start celebrating glorification of God. A New Life: This is what Easter is about. We have faith that the Light has come into the world and the darkness has disappeared.

Our own life is like the Pascal Mystery; there is so much pain and suffering, happiness and joys. We are people of hope. We believe in a new and eternal life. After death there is a New Life. St. Francis of Assisi says, “Let us bring light to those whom we meet and not darkness.” Brother, in our ministries there should be light for others and not pain and suffering. We should be messengers of peace, hope and joy. We should stand with the poor and the needy. Our presence should make them feel happy.

I would like to wish you:

Fr. Moghal Peter, OFM
Custody of St. John the Baptist, Pakistan