Br. Al’s Road Trip

November 13, Br. Al Mascia, OFM, departed from Duns Scotus Friary in Berkley, Mich., in a 2003 Volkswagen Multivan. Dubbed the FriarTruck, it’s equipped with supplies he needs for life on the road as well as his keyboard, guitar, amplifier, microphone, mandolin, and a copy of Thomas Merton’s Book of Hours. Destination: California. Travel time: Who knows? It depends upon the adventures he has along the way.

Letting the Spirit lead

Where is Br. Al?

Our map tracks Br. Al’s journey with the help of a Garmin inReach Mini device.

road map

Br. Al’s mission

“I’m planning to perform pop-up outdoor concerts in an attempt to return live music to people’s lives.” The greater goal is to bring together diverse audiences and promote the kind of healing and unity that music and art can provide.

Watch Br. Al’s latest video and all his updates!

Hanukkah, a Skinny Santa and Some Wonders from the Road!

Tulsa Update

Road Song

My Guardian Angel Was Working Overtime

Zero Visibility Possible!

Lions, Tigers, and Birds!

Br. Al’s Road Trip Update Nov 14

Houston, a Friar Has Landed!

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