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Last year at their Chapter of Elections, friars made the refugee crisis a priority by passing this proposal: “We ask that the Provincial Council initiate a study of ways by which we can help provide housing and other needs to refugees and give practical witness to our solidarity with them.”

That led the Committee for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation to wonder: What other issues most concern friars, and how do their everyday lives reflect their Franciscan values?  To find out, they assembled a short questionnaire and distributed it to 120 friars.

Some questions targeted the Chapter initiative: “Which ways do you think we can help support refugees?” Asked, “What other issues should we focus on?” Care for Creation elicited the most response. In terms of interest it was followed by: Gun Violence/Control; Racism; Human Trafficking; Right to Life/Abortion; the Death Penalty; Homelessness; Peacemaking; Sexism/Gender Equality; and Poverty.

Starting in October, friars will share their concerns about these and other issues, invite you to become involved, and suggest ways you can join them in making our world a more just and peaceful place. Advocacy takes many forms, from writing letters to helping the elderly poor, from making donations to working on criminal justice reform.

Each month we will shine a light on some of the many ways friars are making a difference.  As sharing their stories demonstrates, “We are men who are involved with various issues,” says Fr. John Quigley, a member of the JPIC Committee. “We need a more practical awareness of justice and peace. We need to make it practical and personal.”




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