Fr. Tom Speier made his first parachute jump, free falling 11,000 feet, at age 86.


Living gratefully

Counting blessings sometimes helps me realize that I can’t count them all. It moves me to live in a world where there is abundance, where sharing what I have...

Canadians celebrate union

Provincial Minister Mark Soehner tells about the coming together of two provinces: St. Joseph Province of Eastern Canada, French speaking, and Christ the King Province of Western Canada, English speaking.


Shrine ‘touched by holiness’

Archbishop Allen Vigneron and Fr. Alex Kratz

They spent three years overcoming the odds: finding funds; enlisting volunteers; restoring what once resembled a haunted house.

But according to Fr. Alex...

Encounter with a stranger

Moving is disorienting, no matter how often a person has done it.  Bruce and Bryant Hausfeld stopped in recently.  They’ve moved so many times that they switch up the biblical...

Shanghai Summer

This summer, John Boissy could have given his brain a rest. Instead, he took on the academic Olympics: He went to China and studied Mandarin Chinese.

Inspired by his Asian...

Wheelchair Basketball at Friars Club

More than a game, it’s a lesson in living with disabilities

The words “disability” and “defeat” do not belong in the same sentence, according to Jake Counts.
Physically challenged...

Get the picture?

Vocations Director Fr. Richard Goodin, OFM

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