Revival School Project

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Revival School Project

Poverty and access to quality education are real concerns
for the young children of Revival, Jamaica.

Your gift to the Revival School Project makes a significant impact
on the lives of these students and their families! Thank you!

Fr. Colin and the friars in Jamaica are addressing an urgent need among the people they serve—to add an infant school (preschool & kindergarten) in the rural area of Revival, Jamaica as well as upgrade and modernize the existing primary school (1st through 6th grades). Their goal is to create a safe and positive learning experience for children that quite simply will not attend school without it.  


The construction of a new Revival School building will allow more than 150 children the opportunity to receive the education they need in a new and nurturing environment. 

Currently, no viable education options exist for the youngest children in this area. This weighs heavily on Fr. Colin’s heart. Before his ordination in 2017, he was a special education teacher in Ohio for seven years. He understands the critical need to reach children at an early developmental age. 


The proposed infant school will provide three- to six-year-old children with an early childhood Catholic education and strong moral values. The facility will be well-equipped and modern, which in Revival means that there will be electricity and indoor restrooms. Lunch will also be provided, which may be the only real meal of the day for many of these children.  

Our friends at DMR Construction have been incredibly supportive and we are very grateful for the expertise and guidance they are providing as we tackle this huge project. Their commitment to this undertaking is inspiring. 

“Working with the Franciscans in the Jamaican Missions creates a unique opportunity to enhance the lives of the less fortunate children in areas outside the USA where simple things like water, electricity, and education are not available. Combining our resources we can make a big difference in the lives and future of innocent children by providing these basic needs one school at a time.” – Rich Radici

Please help the Franciscan Friars and DMR create a new facility that empowers young students of an impoverished community to equip themselves with the skills, knowledge, and faith necessary to succeed in life!


  • Project Goal: $1,200,000
  • Currently Raised: $458,802

Countdown to Proposed Groundbreaking on September 30th








Project Support

Your support of this project is so important to meeting the educational needs of these students. Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

The Friars are also grateful for the support of Rich Radici and DMR Construction in bringing this project to life! As construction manager for this project, DMR Construction brings both passion and expertise to projects like these.