Walking the Walk

Age is no excuse

So you’re older; so what? You can still do your part for JPIC issues, according to friar Damian Cesanek. Even if you can’t do the legwork, you can still write a letter, make a donation or pray that things will change for the better.

      “My point is that friars are very much interested in peace and justice initiatives,” Damian says, “but when we look at our province, more than half are in their 70s [he’s 75], so their energy is all over the place.”

      A former Director of the Social Action Bureau of Allentown, Pa., and a community organizer in the 1970s, Damian came up with an acronym for older activists: PEAS.

      “It’s a way of living out our lives where we simply do what we can. Prayer [P] is the first thing to get focused on: Pick an issue, then Education [E], learn a little bit about it. Advocacy [A] is getting a little more involved if you have a computer, writing to a political person or having a presence at some event where people are gathered. Skills [S] is using your talents and treasure. Maybe you can’t volunteer, but you can give $5 or $10 towards a specific issue. ”

      Call it whatever you like. “Use any kind of acronym you want. Look at the issues and come up with a quick dozen,” then focus on those that interest you. At any age, there’s one thing all of us can do, he says.

      “Prayer always helps.”




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